The Show

About The Show

The Venardos Circus, a unique Broadway-Style Circus performance, has been touring the U.S. since its debut at the L.A. County Fair in 2014. It is reinventing the American Circus tradition for a new generation with Broadway-style flair, bringing joy to people across the U.S. Theatre lovers and nostalgic circus fans alike will appreciate the intimate experience and sentimental way the show pays homage to circus traditions through the lens of high-quality entertainment for a modern family audience.




The Cast

Our cast comes from all over the world! Catch them at our show and get to know them below!

Kevin Venardos
The Ringmaster
Duo Acosta
Aerial & Hand Balancing
The Foot Juggler
The Pre-Show Comedian & Juggling
Kevin Head Gold Hat
Next Stop
Plainfield, IN
September 21st - October 1st
at The Shops at Perry Crossing